Cue for Naval Action – An historic full size Snooker table is mentioned in The Times by Patrick Kidd – 4 March 2022

Lot 149 29th March auction

A mahogany snooker table that was probably made for Prince Philip’s grandfather is being sold at auction this month. The table came from Admiralty Arch, which is being turned into a hotel, and was made in 1913 for the building off Whitehall, home of the First Sea Lord. At the time that was Prince Louis of Battenberg, son-in-law of Queen Victoria and uncle of Earl Mountbatten, who led the Navy in the 1950s. Summers Place estimates it could fetch £5000. One can image the flotilla of admirals who discussed naval strategy while sinking reds on it. As Marlowe almost said, was this the baize that launched a thousand ships?”