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The Tribal Art section of the June auction features a number of diverse and unusual works selected from many individual collectors as well as two small collections from African Kingdoms in the Cameroon Grasslands and the Kasai Area of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The selection of authentic individual pieces has been made to show the diversity of art from Central and West Africa, South America and Alaska at different levels of the market.  The highlights are two Magnificent Mother and Child sculptures; one by the Mabea people with Ratton provenance and one by the Kongo people with Pareyn provenance.  In addition, a number of superb classic works of Primitive Art by the Dan, Lovale, Bamana, Ejagham,Teke,and Yoruba people will be offered for sale. High quality Ethnographical objects by the Yaka, Ngombe, Yakoma, Konda, Yombe, Ashanti and Eskimo people are being auctioned.  A rare Salampasu Puppet and Mask and a variety of colorful objects by the Baule,Baga and Rikbaktsa people emphasize the powerful decorative presence of these unusual pieces of Art.

The June sale includes two small “Kingdom “collections.  The Royal Beaded Regalia from the Cameroon Grasslands people (Bamileke,Bamoum,Bangwa and Tikar) were made with Colorful Venetian Trade Glass Beads and had no limits when it came to Creativity and Colors. Even today the Fon (King-Chief) of most of the 100 Kingdoms maintain this ancient culture intact with annual Dancing Festivals.  The Kuba Kingdom in the Kasai Area of DRC reached its apex during the mid-19th century.  Europeans first reached the area relatively late because of the kingdom's relative isolation; therefor it was not as affected by the slave trade as was the Coastal area.  Up to today the reigning monarchs continued the annual festivals and special occasion events to keep their ancient culture intact.

These two “ Kingdom “collections speak to a high-level of selectivity on behalf of their rulers and the juxtaposition of the works emphasizes their high level of creating Beauty and Refinement to support their power.

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