Voodoo Salon by Errol Fuller

22/06/2017     Latest News

Voodoo Salon by Errol Fuller
Errol Fuller is a writer and painter who
has written on art and the curiosities
of natural history. Author of the seminal
Extinct Birds, he has written numerous
other books including The Great Auk,
Dodo – from Extinction to Icon, and two
on birds of paradise (including one with
Sir David Attenborough). His paintings
often depict snooker, boxing or other
slightly disreputable sports. Errol is a
consultant with Summers Place Auctions’
natural history and evolution sales.

“The wish to smudge the boundaries
between life and death is an ancient one,
and throughout history it has taken many
guises and a variety of forms. One of them
is taxidermy. And taxidermy has itself been
used for many purposes and with very varied
intention. Over the years it has fallen in and
then out of favour but today, after decades in
the doldrums, it is back in fashion.
Contemporary artists use it in their
productions, collectors avidly seek antique
examples or assemble new work sourced
from animals that have died accidentally or
by natural causes. No longer is it necessarily
inspired by hunting and shooting, or the
willful destruction of wild animals.

This book is a visual stroll through great
examples of the craft – both historical and
contemporary – with a commentary
throwing light on its aims and intentions.



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