Monuments to Ice Age

27/02/2019     Latest News

BILLINGSHURST, WEST SUSSEX, U.K. — Summers Place Auctions’ sale on Tuesday, March 12, will include several lots of historic importance spanning thousands of years. Skeletons of Ice Age animals have proved very popular recently and Summers Place Auctions will offer one of the best collections ever to come to auction.

A highlight of the sale will be a woolly rhinoceros, which rarelycome up for sale. The extinct species was common throughout Europe and northern Asia during the Pleistocene epoch and survived until the end of the last glacial period. It is estimated at $78/130,000.

SummersPlace Auctions can offer an almost complete set of Ice Age animals which were originally displayed in the Museo delMamut in Barcelona, which shut down in 2016. In addition to the skeletons, there will also be scientific reproductions ofthe woolly rhino, a family of four mammoths and even a cave man, making the Ice Age scene complete. The Mammoth Museum was a unique historical and science museum based in a Thirteenth Century building in one of the oldest parts of the city. There will also be severalmammoth tusks, mammothskin, a giant deer and bison. Top prices are expected for the mammoth skeleton at $65/104,000, the aurochs at $13/19,000 and a cave bear at $8/13,000.

Also at auction on March 12 are historically important artifacts from the Twentieth Century.

Highlights include two sections of the Berlin Wall for sale — 30 years after the historic moment when the wall camedown. The two lots in this auction had originally been part of a memorial to the hundreds of people killed at the wall trying to escape to freedom, called the Parliament of Trees, in the middle of Berlin opposite the Reichstag. The larger section quotes the German president at the time, Richard von Weizsäcker, who said, “To unite means to learn to share” and is estimatedat $15/23,000, while the smaller section that reads “Erde werde Erde” is expected to sell for$6,5/10,000. In keeping with the Cold War theme, there is also anopportunity to bid for a Lavochkin V-751 experimental flying laboratory, which was essentially a two-stage rocket with an initial solid fuel rocket booster which burned for four seconds and a second stage liquid fuelengine that burnt for a further 22 seconds. Made of titanium,stainless steel and aluminum, it was built in 1960 and was able to reach altitudes of 66,000 feet and speeds of Mach 3 with a range of up to 22 miles. This rocket is part of the S-75 family of rockets which were developed in the late 1950s in response to combat America’s long range bombers. It is estimated at$11/15,000.

The sale offers an opportunity to purchase two identical, impressive pairs of Georgian style wrought iron gates and a similar Georgian-style entranceway with great provenance. The gates used to be at Easton Lodge, Great Dunmow, Essex, England. The two pairs of gates are from the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century and each measure 102 inches high by 125 inches wide. Each pair of gates is estimated at $19/32,000.