Help us name the Woolly Mammoth

24/09/2014     Natural History

Help us name the Woolly Mammoth
Summers Place Auctions will be selling one of themost iconic ancient mammals - an
Ice Age Woolly Mammoth skeleton complete with tusks - in their second in their second
Evolution sale on Wednesday, 26th November 2014. The Mammoth is expected to fetch
£150,000 – 250,000.

The Woolly Mammoth was one of the most celebrated creatures ever to walk the earth,
the most famous animal of the Ice Age, which died out about 10,000 years ago.
This is a virtually complete Mammoth skeleton with beautiful tusks, which makes it
particularly rare. Its impressive size of 3.5 metres (11'6”) height and 5.5 metres (18')
long, suggests it may be a male Mammoth and may have weighed up to six tonnes in its

Imagine the Mammoth covered in fur – long fur on top with a shorter undercoat – and
although quite similar to today's elephant, it had smaller ears and a shorter tail to
minimise frostbite and heat loss, so it was well adapted for the ice age. Its habitat was the
mammoth steppe, stretching across northern Eurasia and North America, so its diet was
mainly grass and sedges, which explains why it only had four molar teeth, and also
stunning long, curved tusks. The woolly Mammoth coexisted with early humans, who
hunted them for food and used its bones and tusks for making art, which also explains
why complete skeletons are so rare.

Due to its size the Mammoth, which has been part of an old Eastern European private
collection for many years, has not been mounted until now.....and it is still looking for a

We are encouraging everyone to send name suggestions on a postcard to The
Mammoth, Summers Place Auctions, The Walled Garden, Stane Street, Billingshurst, West
Sussex RH14 9AB or by email to or on our
Facebook Page. Name suggestions need to be sent in by Monday, 13th October noon and a
team of experts and a celebrity will decide on the best name. Young 'namers' (under the
age of 14) will also have a chance to win a prize, please add your age and parent's contact
details to your suggested name, so we can get in touch. There will also be an opportunity
to meet the Woolly Mammoth when its name will be announced in early November.