20th November Evolution Auction featuring Tribal Art

1/11/2018     Antiquities & Tribal

Among the tribal art, particularly noteworthy are a Bambara Tjiwara head mask from Mali,
which is from the collection of Mr. H. Paulus and carries an estimate of £2,800-4,000.
A rare Lega wooden Katanda figure (DRC) is estimated at £2,700-4,000 and a Helmet
Mask “Bo Nun Amuin” from the Baule people of Ivory Coast, which was overpainted in
1960’s will fetch in the region of £1,800-2,200. This sacred and fearsome bush
cow/antelope men’s mask, kept in the bush and hidden from women and children, show
the serious and powerful potential of Baule spirits. Considered the most sacred of masks,
the Baule make use of the bo nun amuin mask (meaning ‘gods of the bush’ or ‘gods risen
from the bush’) to protect the village from outsider threats.