Lot 303 (Garden and Natural History Sealed Bid Auction, 12th June 2019)

Sold for £4,150

Lot details

Water Features: A rare Handyside foundry cast iron bowl on stand

3rd quarter 19th century

the base stamped Andrew Handyside, Britannia Foundry, Derby

170cm high

Andrew Handyside started the foundry in 1806 and by 1851 the firm had expanded and was operating out of the Britannia Iron Works in Derby. At the Great Exhibition they exhibited a Medici vase, a bacchanalian vase and as well a bronzed iron example of this piece decorated with busts of Peel, Nelson, Watt, Wellington, Stephenson, Scott, Shakespeare and Milton. At the time, the foundry was described as being |from the magnitude of its operations, second to none in England|. The foundry produced a wide range of wares, from large engineering products such as bridges down to a range of garden ornaments including fountains and urns. They produced two catalogues in 1848 and 1874.

This was one of the most elaborate of Handyside’s castings, as demonstrated by it being displayed at the Great Exhibition.

Included in this lot is a volume of the Art journal Illustrated catalogue of the Industry of all Nations 1851, showing a number of pieces from the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace, in which this urn on stand is engraved on page 6.