Lot 237 (Garden and Natural History Sealed Bid Auction, 12th June 2019)

Sold for £475

Lot details

Lights/Lighting: A brass Four Oaks Kent Gold Medal knapsack sprayer

now polished, lacquered and converted to a lamp

114cm high by 40cm wide

The Four Oaks Spraying Machinery Company was founded in 1895 by William Charles George Ludford and was situated in Belwell Lane, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield. They produced a variety of sprayers and liming machines winning many awards until their closure in the 1950’s sadly due to the plastics industry and a more throwaway society.

The Knapsack sprayer had a capacity of 3 + 3 ¼ gallons and was carried on the back with an operating arm on one side and a lance at the end of a 3 foot best india- rubber tube.