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Dinosaur: Freya: A fossilised Hypacrosaurus stebingeri Montana^ late Cretaceous 3.1m.; 122ins high by 7.1m.; 279½ins long Provenance: Emmen Zoo Collection. See footnote to lot 1 for more information. Mounted in 1993 by Canada fossils^ this very good example is largely complete. The word Hypacrosaurus translates as meaning ~nearly the highest lizard~^ and this name was given because it was felt that this dinosaur was almost as tall as a Tyrannosaur. Despite the curious connection^ this species has no connection with the famous predatory carnivore and it is^ in fact^ a member of the duckbill dinosaur group - a group that has a number of members all of which fed largely on vegetable matter. Hypacrosaurus stebingeri lived in the areas we now call Alberta and Montana in North America between 75 and 65 million years ago^ which means it was among the last dinosaur species to survive. There are specimens in the Tokyo Museum and the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Canada^ but this particular example is in a remarkably complete state and presents a wonderful opportunity to acquire a fantastically well preserved dinosaur. This lot is subject to a reserve Potential bidders must register with us at least 72 hours prior to the auction for this lot.