Lot 7 (Garden and Natural History Live Auction, 1st October 2019)

£4,000 - £6,000

Buyer's premium: 25% (ex. VAT)

Lot details

Garden statues: After Clodion: A cast iron figure of a Bacchante and young satyr by J J Ducel

circa 1870

the base stamped JJ Ducel me de Forges, Paris

150cm high

(See engraving)

A similar figure is illustrated in the catalogue of the Societe Anonyme des Hauts-Fourneaux and du Val-d’Osne Fonderies circa 1900, Plate 572 (see engraving). The firm of J.J. Ducel was started in 1810 at Poce in the Pas-de-Calais. One of the leading manufacturers specialising in architectural fittings as well as urns and statues. Following the death of Monsieur Ducel in 1878 the Val d’Osne foundry purchased the firm’s patterns. The output of cast iron in France at this time was enormous offering a huge range of architectural and decorative pieces which could be selected from lavishly illustrated catalogues.

Claude Michel Clodion (1738-1814) was a rococo sculptor whose works were extensively reproduced in the 19th century in a wide range of materials including cast iron.