Lot 68 (Evolution Auction, 24th November 2020)

Sold for £2,000

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Fossils/Interior Design: A Burmite amber fossil specimen containing snake and millipede remains, as well as other insects and organic inclusions

Hukawng Valley, Myanmar (Burma)


99 million years old

Weight: 3.03 grammes/15.15 carats

Dimensions: 33.26 x 18.52 x 10.33mm

One or more snakes can clearly be seen above the very well preserved and approximately 20mm long millipede with the snakeskin pattern most clearly visible on the surface of the amber. Close examination from both sides shows very fine detail of these small Cretaceous serpents. If scientists research this piece they might be able to establish if the snake and millipede were fighting before getting trapped in the amber. If they do find the answer, then would it not be an eye opener if the millipede was victorious!

This very rare piece comes with a lab verification report from AGL lab report number 0034485.