Lot 25 (Garden and Natural History Live Auction, 12th March 2019)

Sold for £8,500

Lot details

Statuary: After Eneri Prosperi: A bronze group of five children each standing on stepping stones

one with original sculptor’s plaque stamped Bronze Elite by Henri, the rest stamped Leonardo Rossi, the tallest 147cm, the smallest 101cm

Eneri Prosperi was born in Bagni di Lucca in Tuscany in 1910 and later emigrated to America where he founded the Henri Studio in Chicago. Specialising in both composition stone and bronze they produced a wide range of garden sculpture. He died in 1990. This group made up of five individual bronzes would work very well spaced out in a lake or pond which would have been the sculptors original intention.

Although the identity of Leonardo Rossi is unknown, it is believed to be the pseudonym for a foundry copying other studio’s work. These bronzes would appear to have been cast 20-30 years ago and are of a similar quality to another identical group of bronze children by the Eneri Prosperi studio, sold by us, lot 15, 28th March, 2017, hammer price £21,000.