Lot 2 (Garden and Natural History Live Auction, 1st October 2019)

£5,000 - £8,000

Buyer's premium: 25% (ex. VAT)

Lot details

Architectural: A granite boulder with runic inscriptions

130cm high by 160cm wide by 110cm deep

This substantial granite rock, imported from Norway over 30 years ago, originally formed part of the sea defences at Gorleston in Norfolk. In 2003, local archaeologists formed the opinion that the scratched runic symbols and intertwined serpents and dragon were over 2000 years old and historically very significant and rare. However, after the Great Yarmouth Mercury local newspaper reported the “potentially very important discovery”, jobless construction worker Barry Luxton, 50, saw the report and a photograph of the rock and recognised it as one that he had chiselled during an idle three days on the beach only 8 years earlier. The story was widely reported in the national press at the time. See www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1440404/Ancient-carvings-are-just-eight-years-old.html and www.theguardian.com/uk/2003/sep/03/arts.highereducation for the full stories.